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Family print with pets | 'Family Is' wall art

Family print with pets | 'Family Is' wall art

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If you are looking for ideas for gifts for a family, our personalised family art wall pic can be a perfect gift for the whole family.  Customise  your prints with as many people and pets as the paper size will allow and finish off the print with your own thoughtful quote or by using one of our quotes i.e. 'The Wrights'. Family is where life begins and love never ends....

This print is fully customisable. Add any quote of your choice and choose from a range of skin tones and hair styles.


How to order

Using the options in the images, please provide the following for each person:

1). Name
2). Skin tone
3). Life stage e.g. Teen, Adult, Baby, Child or Dog
4). Hair style
5) T-shirt colour
6) Balloon
7). Optional: Use the quote on the print, or add your own



As this is a custom order, unfortunately this item is non-refundable.


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