Why is printing expensive?

It's a conumndrum for the buyer, and the seller. Buyers want the prints and sellers have the service to deliver but sometimes the valuation of a printing service can be some way apart between the two parties. Afterall, the buyer is just requesting a design on a few pieces of high quality paper - why would this cost so much?

We're here to shed some light...

Printers degrade over time

There are a few things to consider when printing, at home or professionally. Firstly, every time you hit that print button, you are degrading your printer. Over time, printers decline.How hard does the printer have to work to deliver the job? All of this is considered in any printing quote.

Paper and printer ink are expensive

Good printing paper can cost a small fortune and a seller can't just use any paper, it has to be compatible with the printer in use to guarantee the best results.

A set of ink cartridges for a professional printer can run into the hundreds and sometimes thousands.


Some print jobs are a breeze. Press print and sit back and relax. But often a number of jobs can be a challenge to deliver and require monitoring during the printing process. Things can and do go wrong; ink splodges, artwork not printing as expected, paper jams, colour rendering issues, the list is endless.

If you're mulling over a print quote and questioning the quote provide, consider the above in your calculations when deciding if you have been given a fair price.

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