What do you do if you miss a friend’s birthday?

What do you do if you miss a friend’s birthday? If you have been there, it can be the worst feeling in the world.

The sudden realisation that you’re a day late or more late. You’re scrolling through Facebook (or Instagram) and you see a “Thanks for the birthday messages” post and you immediately think “On no, I missed it!” You check the date of the post and it says “2 days ago” - *queue terror music* You’re not late, the ship has left the dock, sailed, it’s over…. Or is it?

Sometimes life gets in the way but you still  feel like no excuse is good enough to justify your forgetfulness.

Here’s some really important advice. DON’T gloss over the issue like it never happened! 

It’s likely your friend may feel a little disappointed or even hurt. But failing to acknowledge an oversight could make things worse. As soon as you remember, admit your error, wish her a happy birthday and move on. She may be annoyed and it will be awkward for a few moments, but you’ll both get over it.  It’s also never too late to send a card or gift - that will certainly make the situation with your friend a little sweeter :)


We ran a poll on our Instagram and it's nice to know 95% agree 😆


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