How to take baby milestone photos for the first year

If you're thinking of taking milestone pictures for each month of your baby's first year - STOP and read this! This article will prevent future disappointment and ensure you have the best possible photos to share in your home.

Baby milestone photos

We regularly create baby's first year collages for customers around the world and we frequently receive milestone photos of baby next to cards or number blocks.These photos are super cute and a great way to record baby's growth over time. However, we often find when it's time for mum or dad to collate these images and present them together in a collage, there are some issues that could have been avoided when the photos were captured.

We've got some quick tips on how to take the best milestone photos of your baby:

Use consistent lighting

If you are taking photos in the same room, with the same props every month, try and capture the images at a similar time of day to ensure the lighting for each picture is consistent. Avoid taking some pictures during the day and other images in the evening with the light on. There will be a big difference in lighting when the pictures are presented together which will affect the final result. Natural light is best. Photos captured inside with the light on, will often leave a yellow cast over the image which isn't as flattering as natural light.

Keep milestone cards close

If you are using number blocks or cards with baby's age, place them as close to baby as possible. There are so many occasions where it's impossible to include baby and the blocks in the collage frame because the blocks are simply too far away. Bring them close to baby to avoid disappointment. This will reduce the chance of the blocks/card being cropped out of photos when you place the images in a frame or photo collage.

Portrait or landscape

Choose an angle and stick to it. If you capture your photos in landscape mode, use this for all images or if you prefer portrait, that's fine too. Avoid using various orientations for your camera. This can cause issues when you need to crop your photos for a collage at a later date. 


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