8 birthday card messages for your Bestie

If you're not great with words, it's ok -  finding the right message for a friend on her birthday may not come naturally. If you're looking for the perfect birthday card messages for your bestie, don't worry - we've got you...


(#friendshipgoals Khole Kardashian x Malika)

Words from the heart

"Friends like you are like diamonds - rare, valuable and precious. Thank you for being an amazing friend"

"The thing I love about our friendship is you can be you and I can be me... thank you for being a great friend,"

"Through the good times and the tough times, you're always there. I love ya bestie"

"How lucky am I to have a friend like you!"

Or keep it fun...

"You'll always be my best friend! You know too much"

"A sign of true friendship - when I walk into your house and my phone connects to your wifi....instantly :)"

"When I saw you drinking, I knew we'd be great friends

Remember, keep it authentic and go with what suits your friendship. We hope we've given you some inspiration ❤️

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