Mother and Sons

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Imagine that someone walks up to you, grabs your face with hands that have some substance on them that you don’t want to examine too closely, smashes their face against yours and gives you a big saliva filled kiss!  As they pull away, a mixture of snot and saliva is left behind on your clothing and face.  Instead of looking down in revulsion, you brush it away and smile fondly at the offender - your absolutely gorgeous, squishy son.  That’s a mother’s love and only a sticky, smelly baby can get away with such behaviour!

As we know, that time is short and cuddling and kissing your boy is on a countdown and the time will come when a kiss from mum causes cringes and cries of "DON'T DO THAT!"  

As sons mature, they still love their mums but may want to show it in a different way.  Sending words of love is a great way for them to show how much you're appreciated and loved. 




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