Why a 16th birthday is special? (and you should celebrate)

Believe it or not this is a frequently asked question, so we're here to give you some reasons why a 16th birthday is special and why you should absolutely mark the occasion.



Turning 16 is the beginning of one's step into adulthood. It's the halfway point between childhood and adulthood and the beginning of true responsibility *cries*

For example, in the UK 16 years old is the age you can legally work and start earning money! God bless those national insurance number cards (Wait!? Do we still have those?)



Girl 16th birthday

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If you live in US, 16 is the age you can legally drive! What a milestone! Driving is surely the gateway to freedom at that age.

Sixteen is also the the legal age of consent in UK (🫣 - sorry parents).

Some parents begin to loosen the reigns at 16. Maybe your teen can come home a little later or hang out with friends more. Rules vary from household to household, but essentially, some pretty big life moments occur at 16, making it a great milestone birthday to celebrate with friends and family.


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