How to buy the right Christmas gifts

How to buy the right Christmas gifts

Christmas will be here with a blink of an eye and some of us are better prepared than others. Buying gifts can be the equal combination of pleasure and pain, so how do you ensure your loved ones don’t end up with unwanted Christmas gifts?

We’ve got 4 tips to help you with your Christmas shopping.

Tip 1: Just ask
Yep! It’s that simple. Playing mind-reader is a lot of effort and not much fun, especially if you get it wrong. It’s totally understandable if you want your gift to be a surprise, but if you’re really stumped for ideas, ask the question, “what would you like for Christmas?”

A few years back, we decided as a family to create online wish lists. This was a great way for each person to list the things they wanted throughout the year, and it made buying presents so much easier. And there were no signs of disappointment on Christmas morning. RESULT!

Wishlistr is a great site for composing Christmas gift lists to share with family and friends -

Tip 2: It's the thought that counts?
The best gifts often have the most thought behind them, regardless of their monetary value. Consider a unique collage of your favorite photos or experiences with that person. Or if they have asked for  donations to their favourite charity, do it - it will be appreciated.

Sometimes gifts with a little bit of thought and sentiment are perfect for the occasion.

Tip 3: Community presents are a BIG no no!
Prevent the wrath of your partner - stay away from Community gifts! What are community gifts? Presents that can be used by everyone - a new vacuum cleaner, pots and pans or a lovely new TV for the lounge? Unless you are 100% certain a gift like this is appropriate and wanted, AVOID!
Tip 4: Think of the planet
Finally, think of the planet. Last year, there were almost 60 million unwanted Christmas presents. If in doubt, you can’t go wrong with gift vouchers.

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