Confessions of a small business owner…

Running a small business is WORK! Long hours, no days off - tonnes of commitment. But it is so enjoyable and rewarding! If you like to shop small, we’ve decided to share some thoughts of a small business owner…

Small business

It might be a one man band

Some small business are literally 1 or 2 super talented people working behind the scenes to deliver your product. The good thing with this is 99% of the time, these people are often super passionate and excited to deliver your order - how cool it that?

We value honesty

If you don’t like something, small business owners will really appreciate the feedback. It gives us a chance to rectify the problem and try and find a solution. In a world where reviews can make or break a business, small business owners will always appreciate the opportunity to fix a problem. 

If you feel let down, we feel it - like really…

There is nothing worse than a disappointed customer. Maybe the delivery was late, or didn’t arrive at all. Anything that leads to customer disappointment is tough to take. Small business owners will be driven to provide customer satisfaction and if on the odd occasion, that’s not possible - trust me the disappointment is mutual. 

When you’re happy, we’re REALLY happy

There is no better feeling than a satisfied customer. When you let us know you’re happy - WE ARE DELIGHTED. Any expression of positive feedback, whether it’s via a review or a small email note, is really appreciated.

Small business owners will try to be flexible…

If you’re on a website and wondering “can they do this or change that…” - send a message and ask! For a number of small businesses, there is some room to be flexible, so custom orders may be possible, accepted and appreciated!

We appreciate every single order…

No matter how big or small - small business owners appreciate all customers.

Your order will be delivered with love…

That’s it. That’s the truth. There is no employee number”X”,  You are likely  dealing with the creator and business owner, who lives and breaths the brand and feels every last piece of feedback from customers.

To customers that support small businesses - we appreciate you x

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