5 things you should absolutely buy your Dad for Father’s Day

Father’s Day 2019 is fast approaching and we’re here to answer the all important question: What gift should I purchase for Dad?

Whilst it seems like e a challenge finding the right gift for the most important man in your life (or one of), we’re here to make things a little easier and throw some cool suggestions your way.

1. The obvious: Get something he likes, even if YOU think it’s a boring gift

I always say, the best gifts are the practical things that one will need and more importantly, actually use. Think about things Dad will benefit from? A new fancy wallet, a flask for his morning coffee, a running armband for the gym. Whilst these gifts may seem "dull" to you, Dad will love them.

Gift suggestion - the Belkin Fitness Armband for the iPhone (Android options available from other retailers).

Belkin running arm band from Apple


2. Don’t shy away from high quality, sentimental gifts

Ok, this is a shameless plug, but believe it or not, a high quality collage/montage of dad’s favourite memories and people is a guaranteed hit. He’ll appreciate the time, effort and thought put into creating something that highlights his best moments as a Father to date, and he can keep it for years to come.

Gift suggestion - KiKi Prints Father's Day print

Father's Day photo collage gifts

3. Men like to be pampered too

Treat Dad to his favourite scent. This is a great gift that he will use again and again. If your dad has a thing for occasional male grooming, there are lots of pamper products on the market that are perfect Father's Day gifts.

Gift suggestion - Man Cave Survival Set male grooming kit


Father's Day gift ideas: Man Cave male grooming kit

4. A good drink goes a long way...

If Dad enjoys the odd tipple, get him some posh booze. Consider his favourite spirit or a classic bottle of wine.

Father's Day gift ideas: Alcohol gifts

5. You can’t go wrong with electronics

You don’t need to break the bank, but you can purchase some great electrical gifts for Dad that he’ll enjoy.

Consider wirelesss headphones, portable home speakers, fitness bands, sound bars and more. The options are endless.

Gift suggestion - Bose® SoundLink® Micro Water-resistant Portable Bluetooth Speaker in Midnight Blue

Father's Day gift ideas: Bose® SoundLink® Micro Water-resistant Portable Bluetooth Speaker in Midnight Blue

Finally, your time is priceless...

Remember, YOUR time is the greatest gift of all. Organise a family meal, spend the day with him or if your physical presence isn’t possible, give him a call. Sometimes the smallest gestures make the biggest impact.

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