5 Signs your best friend is a real one

It's always the same...

You can go days, weeks, months and maybe even years without speaking and the day you see each other again, it’s like not a moment has passed.

She’s happy for you. Genuinely.

Friends that enjoy hearing about your success and are rooting for you, are true. If you can comfortably call a friend and not feel bad about sharing good news, she’s one to keep.

Actions and words match

If a friend tells you that they love you, you are important to them etc…but their actions don’t match, it’s a red flag! Maybe she doesn't want to make time for you, but hangs out with other friends or she rarely initiates contact. Unfortunately if a friend’s actions do not match their words, the friendship may not mean as much to her as it does to you.

Friends that talk the talk and walk the walk are true. Yes, life gets in the way and some friends are unable to meet up or even call all the time due to work, family or other commitments, but you’ll know the difference between someone who can’t make time and someone who doesn’t want to make time.


She doesn't gossip about her other friends

If a friend does not speak ill of her other friends, it says alot about her character and integrity. After all, if she is talking about other friends to you, she is probably saying things about you.

She’s ride or die!

Your friend is a keeper if you can rely on her in your happiest and darkest moments, through any means - text, phone, a letter, on your doorstep (ANYTHING) - she’s special!

She uplifts you

A good friend is rooting for you and wants you to succeed and be happy in life. She wants you to win and would never intentionally make you feel bad. If your girl is bringing good vibes, she's a great friend!

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