5 quick tips to keep your home clean (especially if you have kids)

If you're like me, mildly OCD and need a clean home to function, I am here to share some tips that have helped me to keep a clean home (or one that can be tidied in under 15 minutes).

5 qyick tips to keep your home clean

Easy reach

1. Put things you use daily in easy to reach places. Sounds logical, but you would be suprised. If you use an item regulalry, store it somewhere with quick and easy access.


2. Declutter. Too much stuff is more stuff to clean and put away. Sell or donate unused items taking up space in your home.

Go cordless

3. Invest in a cordless vacum. Cleaning became much quicker and easier when I switched to cordless.

Good Habits

4. Tidy as you go. Develop good habits so that putting things away as you go becomes natural. This will save you so much time.

Take something with you

5. If you leave a room, taking something out of place with you. This is good practice to clean as you go thrrought the day.

Bonus: Choose easy to reach for cleaning tools. Like a spray mop! This is an excellent purchase and will allow you to quickly mop up spillages, sticky spots.

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