OMG! 4 things you need to know about buying gifts…

It’s the thought that counts… Right? For some, buying gifts requires a lot of thought and causes more pain than pleasure! If you’re an over thinker when it comes to purchasing gifts, we’ve got some popular gift giving myths that may make the process a little easier. 


(no don't do that!)


A gift needs to be expensive to be appreciated 

Not true. The best gifts are thoughtful and sometimes thoughtful gifts cost very little. If you’re thinking of gifting a thoughtful gift such as a personalised item, we recommend purchasing your gift as early as possible. This will also help you to keep costs down.

People hate gift vouchers 

Not always. I personally love gift vouchers. They can serve as a brilliant contribution to a larger gift. We recommend purchasing vouchers from a retailer someone loves (even if you think the brand of choice isn’t that glamorous).  If you buy gift vouchers for a brand that the person loves, they’ll be able to purchase exactly what they wished for.

Gifts need to be a surprise

Sometimes it’s best to ask someone what they want and buy them exactly what they have asked for. They’ll appreciate it. Also, think of the environmental impact. It’s estimated that we receive at least one unwanted Christmas gift. Reduce the landfill load and consider asking for some direction.

Any gift is a good gift

No. “It’s the thought that counts” is tricky concept. Yes, buying a gift for someone is a kind gesture, but if there has been no thought behind said gift, is it a good gift or  a waste of your money?

The key takeaway here is sometimes, it’s ok to ask. Try it (and thank us late 😉).

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