4 leaving gift ideas to give to a work colleague

Your work bestie has (selfishly) decided to vacate the building….for good. How dare she! 

The thought of change is horrible. Who’s going to take her place? Will I like the new person? Should I leave too? So many questions.

While you mull over life after your work bestie, we have decided to remove the worry of finding the perfect leaving gift, and added some brilliant suggestions below, so you can give them a send off to remember! These gifts work for him and for her!

Call it how it is with our “Traitor card”

Traitor leaving card

Time to get mushy with a Work Bestie Print

Create this #workbestie personalised gift - she’ll love it and can keep it for good.

Work Colleague leaving print

Our Pick: These signed Work Colleague Leaving Gift prints are a hit!

Think card and present merged into one. You can personalise the design, ask everyone to add a message to the colleague leaving print and then, once printed, add the design to a frame as a final finishing touch. 


 Work Colleague leaving print


Create a team photo!

She'll never forget you!!!


Sometimes, pictures make the best memories...

Present some of your best team moments with our Team Photo Collage.

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