10 annoying things about Zoom calls

The wonderful world of Zoom is a blessing and a curse! Granted, Zoom was a God send during the pandemic when we still needed a way to communicate with friends, family and colleagues. But for some, Zoom also brought embarrassing viral moments - spare a thought for those who forgot they were on camera 🫣 YIKES!

In 2023, it looks like Zoom is here to stay. But that's not gonna stop us listing 10 things that are annoying about the video call service we can't live without...


1. Laptop cameras are notoriously bad, so chances are you will look bad too (in your eyes). Every.Single.Time.

2. Camera off is bad etiquette!

3. ...This means you still need to look presentable

4. You can forget you're on camera. Watch out. Don't be THAT guy...

5.You can also forget you're not on mute - ALWAYS MUTE!

6. It can be awkward. Ever made a joke on Zoom and no one laughed...🥴

7. You are guaranteed to talk over someone at least once

8. If you have poor internet connection Zoom is unforgiving

9. You can't move. Need to change position or stretch out a leg - good luck!

10. "This call could have been an email!" Say no more...

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