Smartphones: The place where memories hide...

I remember the days when you loaded your camera with film, filled it up with the pictures you wanted to take and then sent them off to be developed.  This may not have been paper friendly but I had albums with my photographic memories carefully stored among their pages. 

Smartphones are indeed great because at the drop of a hat, you can be ready to take a picture at any moment.  Unfortunately, this also means that as they record everything, there's often a lot of rubbish that's unnecessarily saved to the phone -  lame jokes sent via WhatsApp, 16 different angles of the same image and hundreds of out of focus pictures that should have been consigned to the bin immediately.

If you're like me, you promise yourself that one day, you will sort through the photos and catalogue them correctly. Smartphones don't make this easy because every time you look around, they've created another unwanted folder for you and invariably duplicated your images into it.

I guess this was partly my motivation for creating custom collages. A way of capturing those precious moments in life and creating a beautiful single story in a picture frame - falling in love, sharing experiences with friends, getting married or the precious milestone of your children.

Collages are a perfect way of capturing multiple memories into a single picture frame. Maybe, for you, today is that day.  Get those photos out of your phone and onto your walls.  Memories are precious and should be treated like the jewels they are!





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