14 essential items you should add to your baby shower gift list

Preparing for a baby is exciting and expensive, particularly for first time parents. So if you’re planning a baby shower this is the perfect time to get those essential items and lighten the financial load. Take a look at 14 essential items that should make an appearance on your gift list:

1. Baby thermometer

There are a range of thermometers available from in-ear to underarm digital sticks.   

2. Baby bath

When purchasing a baby bath, opt for one that provides support for newborns. Not all baths offer this, which means you’ll have to hold baby whilst washing them. The Angelcare Soft Touch Baby Bath is a great option.

Angelcare Soft Baby Bath Support

3. Bottle steriliser

Even if you plan to breastfeed, you’ll need a steriliser for any items that will enter baby's mouth such as pacifiers and bottles for expressed milk.

4. Baby monitor

Consider a video monitor - the best of both worlds so you can keep your eyes and ears on baby while she sleeps.

BT Baby Monitor

5. Hello World Baby Stats print

Remember the precious details of babies birth with a beautiful Hello World Baby Stats print. Requesting gift vouchers are a great way to purchase this print once baby arrives.

Hello World Baby Stats Print

6. Gift cards

There will definitely be some “big purchases” (pushchair, cot, baby car seat...) that may be too ambitious for your baby shower gift list, but a contribution would lighten the load. Gift vouchers are a great way to contribute to the larger purchases.

7. Nappy/baby changing bag

Self explanatory, but they can be pretty pricey. Definitely one for the list…

8. Baby bouncer

A great way to give mum a break, and also ensure baby doesn’t get too used to being held.

9. Babygrows and vests

You can never have too many. It may be a good idea to request a range of sizes.

10. Mummy essentials: Nipple cream, breast pads, maternity pads

Keep your hospital bag in mind. The above will be a necessity when baby arrives.

11. Baby sleeping bag

Sleeping bags are a safe way of keeping baby warm while he sleeps.

12. Nappies

Too many nappies? Never! Newborn nappies are fairly reasonable, but as baby grows so does the price of nappies. It’s worth adding nappies to the list 

13. Muslins

You’ll go through muslins daily. You can never have too many

14. Breast pump

An electronic breast pump is an upfront investment that you won’t regret. If you’re considering breast feeding you may want to opt for a breastpump to give you some freedom to have a break from time to time. This will also come in handy if you’re breastfeeding but need to return to work.

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